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 Space Sheriff Sharivan

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Den Iga, a forest patrolman, is attacked by the monster Buffalo Doubler, a member of the space crime organization Makuu Empire, at Mount Tsurugi. Den is seriously injured in the attack. Space Sheriff Gavan, who was visiting Mount Tsurugi in order to search for his father, assists Den, giving him medical treatment at Bird Planet.

Chief Com of the Galactic Union Patrol is impressed by Den's courage in his fight against the monster and trains him to become a Space Sheriff. He is given the code name "Sharivan", and he returns to Earth with Chief Com in order to help Gavan in the decisive battle against the Makuu Empire.

Gavan, who is able to ultimately bring down the Makuu Empire, is promoted to captain of the Galactic Union Patrol and takes charge of the whole solar system. Sharivan is appointed as the Space Sheriff of Earth.

Later, while visiting the headquarters of the Galactic Union Patrol in order to receive special training as a Space Sheriff, Sharivan acquires information about the underground activities of the evil ESP society Madou (Heresy). He returns to protect the Earth with female sheriff Lily.

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Space Sheriff Sharivan
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